The department is a high-level academic administrative branch in the university. The department is responsible for overseeing the institution’s research activities and ensuring that they align with the university’s mission, goals, and strategic priorities.

The specific responsibilities of the department include:

  1. Developing and implementing research strategies and policies that align with the TSUE mission and goals.
  2. Providing leadership and support to faculty and staff involved in research activities.
  3. Ensuring that research activities are conducted with integrity and comply with ethical and regulatory standards.
  4. Promoting and facilitating collaborations and partnerships with other institutions, industry partners, and government agencies.
  5. Managing research funding and resources, including grant applications and awards, budgeting, and financial reporting.
  6. Promoting and showcasing research achievements and outcomes to internal and external stakeholders.
  7. Developing and maintaining relationships with funding agencies, research councils, and other organizations that support research.

Overall, the department plays a critical role in fostering a culture of research excellence and promoting innovation and discovery within the TSUE.

The functions of the Research and Innovations Department can be subdivided into three main parts:

– development of the research plan of the university and regular monitoring of its implementation;

– organization of the process of admission of doctoral students (PhD, DSc), and independent researchers to the university, approval of individual work plans for doctoral students and regular check of their implementation;

– organization of scientific events together with university departments, such as scientific seminars, international/national conferences, symposia and the dissemination of scientific recommendations to the wide range of public.

In addition, based on these tasks, the Scientific-Researches and Innovations department performs followings:

– assistance in expanding the scope of scientific development and enhancing their economic efficiency by activating the research process of departments, improving the quality of their regulatory, methodological and information resources;

– expansion and coordination of the work carried out in the departments within the framework of innovative and corporate cooperation of ministries, committees, organizations and industrial enterprises and science, education and industry;

– ensuring the information exchange with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other interested organizations;

– development of a database of scientific publications, the formation of a sustainable system of scientific research with new literature and solid statistical data;

– controlling and monitoring of the implementation of the research plan set out in the individual work plan of professors and other staff of the university;

– establishment of cooperation with foreign universities, research centers and institutes to develop and strengthen scientific and practical relations in research, consulting and training;

– ensuring the introduction of scientific innovations in the dissertation work of researchers in the educational and scientific activities of the university, assistance in obtaining certificates on the use of the results;

– development and implementation of a system of material and moral incentives for the best research work, the establishment of special awards;

– organization of qualification and additional examinations for researchers;

– fulfillment of other duties for professors and teachers of the university.