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Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME (https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/tashkent-institute-irrigation-agricultural-mechanization-engineers-tiiame))

National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek (https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/national-university-uzbekistan-named-after-mirzo-ulugbek)

Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov (https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/tashkent-state-technical-university-named-after-islam-karimov)

Samarkand State University (https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/samarkand-state-university)

Visit of representatives of IOWA State University to Tashkent State University of Economics

May 28, 2021 professor of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of IOWA State University, USA Tina Coffelt and professor Kholboev Bakhrom Avazbayevich visited the Tashkent State University of Economics.

The meeting was organized by Research and Innovation’s department of TSUE and it was attended by professors of TSUE, graduate students and other guests. In addition, the meeting was held online via Zoom, in which more than 50 people connected remotely.

During the meeting, Head of Research and Innovation’s department of TSUE PhD Sanjar Mirzaliev explained educational and scientific activities of the Tashkent State University of Economics. Then professor Tina Coffelt presented advanced educational programs and teaching methods at USA universities and IOWA State University activities. Participants gained knowledge about credit-module system of education at US universities, types of higher education institutions, modern teaching methods and the organization of students’ independent work at US universities.

The conference was interesting, negotiable, rich in news, and the two countries exchanged news on education and economics.  The seminar was held in the form of discussion; the participants got the opportunity to ask questions of interest and received detailed information and answers. Students received information about the types of American universities, the conditions for admission to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, teaching methods, scholarship programs and Fulbright scholarships, as well as the possibilities for teaching and research activities in US universities.

One the interesting and at the same time difficult question was “how you imagine the education system in 10 years?”, Professor Tina Coffelt answered “In 10 years, technology will not be an add-on or a novelty but completely ubiquitous in the education process. Let’s be honest–technology is everywhere already, whether it is virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence or 3D printing. The growing popularity of online courses will see the infiltration in our spaces of purely online universities, which will be standardized, like physical ones and will shape education stems directly or indirectly”.

At the end of the training, the sides discussed issues of cooperation between the Research and Innovation’s department of TSUE, University 3.0 center and the Department of English Language and Communication Studies at IOWA State University.