Nobel laureati Rae Kwon Chung Toshkent davlat iqtisodiyot universitetida


Yashil iqtisodiyot konsepsiyasi asoschilaridan biri, professor, Nobel laureati Rae Kwon Chung bilan tayanch doktorantlar, doktorantlar va stajer-tadqiqotchilar hamda mustaqil izlanuvchilar uchun rejalashtirilgan ilmiy-uslubiy seminar 23-fevral soat 10:00 da Madaniyat saroyida davom etadi. 

Professor Rae Kwon Chung tashrifining to’liq dasturi quyida:

Rae Kwon Chung haqida qisqacha ma’lumot:

Prof. Rae Kwon Chung is a South Korean economist and environmentalist who has made significant contributions to the field of sustainable development. He is currently the Chair of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning High-Level Expert Panel on Water and Disasters, and serves as a member of the Leadership Council for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Prof. Chung has held several high-level positions in the South Korean government and international organizations, including serving as the Chief Climate Change Negotiator for South Korea, and as the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. He has played a key role in shaping global policy on climate change and sustainable development, and has been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions to the field.

Prof. Chung is the author of several books and articles on sustainable development and climate change, including “The Economics of Climate Change in China: Towards a Low Carbon Economy” and “Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights: Legal Guide for the Implementation of SDGs”. His work has focused on the intersection of economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social equity, and he has been a leading advocate for the importance of integrating these issues into policy and practice.

Prof. Chung’s visit to Tashkent State University has launched a new page in the university’s actions towards sustainable development and green growth.